What Does It Mean When Someone Dreams About You? Dreaming about someone else means a lot.

What Does It Mean When Someone Dreams About You?
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It’s common for us to dream about someone, whether it’s a person close to us, an acquaintance, or even a stranger we’ve come across on the way home. While it’s easy to take things in the literal sense, the meaning of a dream usually goes deeper than that.

Often, it’s all about how we see ourselves in relation to the person in the dream.

Has your friend ever dreamed you were in a fight and made you stop and think if they were harboring resentment toward you? Has your coworker ever told you that you appeared in their dream and you thought they secretly liked you? These are common dream scenarios that may indicate something deeper about the way we see ourselves — something that lies deep into our subconscious.

When someone dreams they are upset with us, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are. The feeling of hurt may only be representative of how they really feel about their friendship with us. When someone dreams they like us, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be with us. The warm, fuzzy feeling they have about us may point to how much they appreciate certain qualities we have that they wish to emulate.

When someone tells us they had a dream about us, it’s best to get more details about the dream to get more context rather than jump to conclusions. Here we’ll discuss common dream scenarios and what they really mean.

When Someone Dreams About You in a Negative Way

It can be uncomfortable to know that we appeared in someone’s dream in a negative light. We were probably cruel to them, or they were showing us how much they hated us. Before we start backtracking whether we’ve offended them in real life, know that this type of dream is that person’s way of processing the way they feel about us.

Humans have been fighting for survival for hundreds of thousands of years. Fighting equates to self-preservation. When we fight, it’s a way of taking back what’s ours and maintaining the status quo. We’re wired to behave this way when we feel threatened.

So, when someone dreams about fighting with us, it may reflect the dreamer’s own fears, which may very well be a fear of rejection. Their subconscious compensates for this fear by engaging in a heated argument with us to protect the self. It doesn’t mean the dreamer has ill feelings toward us.

When Someone Dreams About You in a Positive Way

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it can be pleasing to know that we appeared in someone’s dream in a positive light. It’s such a sweet thing to hear from someone we are already close to or someone we are just getting to know. It can make us feel good about our relationship with the person and believe it’s going in the right direction.

When someone feels affectionate toward us in their dream, this may indicate the happy and optimistic feeling they have when they’re with us. We probably have several qualities they admire and to which they can relate. It can be that they feel great when they’re with us in their waking life.

This dream most likely mirrors the positive impact we have on the person. And, their deeper self is simply responding to the light that we bring to their life, signifying a beautiful connection.

When an Ex Dreams About You Out of the Blue

Dreaming about an ex is a common occurrence especially for those who still have unresolved issues with the relationship. Things probably didn’t end amicably, or the person may still be recovering after the breakup. It’s highly likely that they will dream about their ex every now and then.

When an ex calls us out of the blue to tell us they just had a dream about us, we should stop right there before rekindling anything. While it may be tempting to think that they still have feelings for us, the dream may only represent how they feel about their own healing process. It may have something to do with what we represent to them in their subconscious, such an aspect of who they are they wish to change.

The human brain works in mysterious ways when we’re asleep. And, it digests our memories by turning them into meaningful symbols that can help us better come to terms with ourselves.

When Someone Has a Sexy Dream About You

There’s nothing like the hidden rush of knowing someone has had a sexy dream about us — if we like the other person, that is. If it’s the other way around, it can easily leave us scratching our heads or possibly feeling repulsed by the thought. Either way, it can easily lead us to think the other person is secretly attracted to us.

While in some cases, this type of dream represents a hidden desire, it’s not a one-size-fits-all explanation for when someone dreams a sexy dream about another person. Often with our subconscious, it is more symbolic rather than wishful thinking.

Sex is all about intimacy. It’s about connecting to the other person, not just physically but also emotionally (and even spiritually for some). This energy exchange between two people is a symbol of integration, an intertwining of intense feelings toward each other. The person’s sexy dream may represent a longing to be close to us and connect with us in a truly meaningful way.

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem in Dreams

Dreams always take common elements from our past and present to weave them into one coherent representation of what’s going on in our subconscious mind. This is why it can be a challenge to move past the literal elements before getting through to the intended figurative meaning.

If that’s the case with our own dreams, then it’s even more difficult to gauge what the meaning is when someone else dreams about us. Still, once you dig a little deeper, you might find you learn something new about them and your relationship together.

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