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What Are the Most Used Emojis by Twitter Users Worldwide?

What Are the Most Used Emojis by Twitter Users Worldwide?

Emoji use has never been higher, based on 6.7 billion Tweets gathered in over 10 years.

How Many Miles Can You Drive On Empty

How Many Miles Can You Drive On Empty?

“It is not over until the fat lady sings.” In driver-speak, this “song” may very well represent the needle pointing at E on your fuel gauge.

How Do Blind People Know When to Stop Wiping?

Tommy Edison, a Youtuber who was born blind, finally answers the most curious and popular question on the Internet.

Flying Lawn Mower

Flying Lawn Mower: Can Lawnmowers Fly?

With a few simple changes, you can transform a normal lawnmower into a remote control plane.

Mashed Potato Golf Screams

Mashed Potato Golf Screams

Well, some people think it’s stupid and some people think it’s hilarious.

What Is Thor's Hammer Called

What Is Thor’s Hammer Called—And How To Pronounce It

Mjollnir, written in Old Norse as Mjöllnir, was the weapon of Thor, the god of thunder, in the ancient world

NFTs Explained

The NFT Is Emerging, What the Heck Is It?

NFTs are booming worldwide today. Johnny Harris explains what an NFT is and more about it.

Former NASA Astronaut Answers Popular Questions About Space

Mike Massimino now answers popular questions from Twitter about space.

Culinary Question Today—Is a Burrito a Sandwich?

If a burrito is not a sandwich, legislation regarding sandwiches does not apply to it.