Why Your Life Is Worth $10,041,645 According to Estimates How much is your life worth?

When assessing the number of lives they might save due to specific measures, the United States government arrived at a monetary value for human life. This video explains how they arrived at the figure of $10,041,645.

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Signs That Indicate You Are in a Deep Emotional Exhaustion

The signs that indicate you are in a deep spiral of emotional exhaustion can sometimes be challenging to recognize.

Would You Have Sex With Your Clone?
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Would You Have Sex With Your Clone? Let’s Discuss

Granted, it’s an otherworldly scenario or possibility.

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What if the Jurassic Park Dinosaur Turned Into a Big Cat

Well, we didn’t expect it would be so cute.

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A Man Helps a Stuck Kangaroo Out of the Grate and Saved a Life

Hope there were more people like him in the world.

How Does It Feel to Get Shot
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What Does It Feel Like to Get Shot?

The scenes we see in movies play out quite differently in real life. Being shot, regardless of the reason or your role, is very traumatizing.

Travel for Less Stress and Complication
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Ways to Travel for Less Stress and Complication

Traveling doesn’t have to be difficult — here are great ways to travel for less stress and complications.

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