Have You Ever Imagined That Your Next Companion Would Be a Robot? The genesis of Artificial Intelligence

The idea of becoming friends with robots is mostly a plot that appears in science fiction movies. Still, as AI technology evolves, perhaps humans can establish some more profound relationship with artificial intelligence in the future? Although the idea still seems to be controversial on a moral level, this does not stop us from hypothesizing the future possibilities.

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Academics Explain Misconceptions About Sleep

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Why Are Cats Afraid of Water?
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Why Are Cats Afraid of Water: Is It Due to Instinct?

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How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You
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What Do Dogs See Humans As?
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Do Dogs Think We Are Dogs?

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Meditation Can Calm Your Mind and Speed Up Your Brain
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Calm Your Mind and Speed up Your Brain by Meditation

There could be a way to make your brain move faster, and hopefully, it’s something that you may already be doing, meditation.

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